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considerable victories.

To receive the new year, Millisecond. asked some of our favorite feminists: reproductive justice advocates, academics, legal minds, voting rights activists, Millisecond. staff members and environmental justice experts: what they want for 2023.

Abortion rights activists march to the White House on July 9, 2022 to denounce the US Supreme Court decision to end federal abortion rights protections. (Kent Nishimura/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

“As the new year approaches, we wish peace, justice and equality for all. We expect great things from all the newly elected feminists in Congress, in governors’ offices, and in state legislatures across the country.”

Editorial team of the magazine Ms.

Reproductive justice: ‘A call back to care’

“2022 has been a year of joy and pain, triumph and tragedy for the movements for reproductive health, rights and justice. We have a long road ahead of us in the fight for justice for our communities and we are committed to seeing it through.

“As we approach 2023, my wish for our movement is a wake-up call. As physicians, we are taught that care is our primary directive, but our systems are often not designed to truly support that mandate.

I want us to reconnect with our…

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