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the largest swath of the US to be affected since the launch of Drought Monitor in 2000.

Drought conditions held a particularly tight hold in the West, with California, Utah, and Nevada experiencing at least 40 consecutive weeks of moderate to exceptional drought statewide through 2022, all while systems lifelines were being strained. rivers that meander through the region, such as the Bear and Colorado Rivers.

The progression of drought conditions in the US from the first week of January 2022 to the last week of December 2022. (US Drought Monitor)

In late 2021, The Salt Lake Tribune asked AccuWeather cartographers, with whom the newspaper partners, to redraw the Great Salt Lake.

“Our maps are still the same for average lake level, and as a news organization, it doesn’t make sense anymore,” Grant Burningham, managing editor of the Salt Lake Tribune, told AccuWeather national weather reporter Bill Wadell last November. . “We know the lake is smaller. We know it’s about half the size it used to be, and we have an opportunity to raise awareness nationally and locally when hopefully there’s…

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